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1. Systematic survey and abundance investigations of the microfauna (tardigrades, nematodes and rotifers) in the meltpools of the McMurdo Ice Shelf [K053_1987_1988_NZ_2]
Quantitative examinations of the microfauna associated with the algal felts in small melt pools on the McMurdo Ice Shelf in the vicinity of Bratina Island off the northen tip of Brown Peninsula was ...

2. The taxonomy and distribution of algae cultured from samples from Granite Harbour: Oscillatoriales and Cyanobacteria [K053_1993_1994_NZ_1]
Samples were removed from the complete range of habitats supporting algal growth at Granite Harbour. A total of over 190 samples were examined microscopically and a taxonomic list was compiled. Cultures ...

3. Distribution and feeding habits of Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni at Cape Geology/Botany Bay, Antarctica [K053_1993_1994_NZ_2]
Data was obtained on distribution and feeding habits of the Collembolan Gomphiocephalus hodgsoni at Cape Geology/Granite Harbour. A considerable amount of descriptive data has been collected regarding ...

4. Distribution and freeze tolerance testing of nematodes around Cape Hallett and Terra Nova Bay [K066_2005_2008_NZ_1]
Nematode worms in Antarctica are adapted to survive extreme conditions. One species, Panagrolaimus davidi, is unusual in that it can survive extra as well as intra-cellular freezing. This study investigated ...

5. Ecological survey of the birds, algae, lichen, fungi, and invertebrates on ice free areas of the Edward VII Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land [K053_1987_1988_NZ_3]
A 5-6 week remote field expedition was carried out to visit all rock outcrops in the Edward VII Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land to make a general biological survey of the region and assemble good plant ...

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