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1. Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica [waddington_0636996]
This record includes two datasets and accompanying code. The anisotropic flow dataset provides velocity and fabric evolution of anisotropic ice for several numerical experiments. The experiments ...

2. Collaborative Research: Anisotropy, Abrupt Climate Change, and the Deep Ice in West Antarctica [pettit_0940650]
This award supports a project to constrain the accumulation rate, thickness, and temperature history for Siple Dome using a vertical velocity profile that includes the effects of an evolving fabric ...

3. Collaborative Research: Western Divide West Antarctic Ice Cores (WAISCORES) Site Selection [conway_0087345]
This award supports a program of ground-based geophysical measurements to map in detail the spatial variations of ice flow, accumulation rate, internal layering and ice thickness at the sites which ...

4. Firn core data from shallow drilling investigations in eastern Wilkes Land, East Antarctica [AADC-00065]
A shallow firn core drilling program was conducted in eastern Wilkes Land in 1985 by an ANARE glaciological team. In conjunction with surveys carried out on ice sheet topography and snow surface ...

5. Millennially averaged accumulation rates for the Lake Vostok region inferred from deep internal layers [Vostok_accum]
The depths of radar-detected internal layers can be used to infer the spatial variability of accumulation rates. Here we infer accumulation rates from three radar layers (26, 35 and 41ka old) in the ...

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