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1. CEAMARC marine sediment samples - collected on voyage 3 of the Aurora Australis, 2007-2008 [CEAMARC-200708_V3_MARINE_SEDIMENT_SAMPLES]   PARENT METADATA
Marine sediment samples were obtained from box corer, Smith-MacIntyre and Van Veen grabs. Samples were named by: 1. CEAMARC site (e.g. 16) 2. Instrument (e.g. box corer = BC; Smith-MacIntyre = GRSM; ...

2. Dataset of Marine Chemistry of Southern Ocean in CHINARE22 in 2005-2006 [SIO_LMEB_CHINRE22]
These samples were collected by CHINARE-22 in Przdy Bay,Antarctic during DCE 2005 and JAN 2006.There were 29 stations and 169 samples.Dissolved oxygen,Chlorophyll a,Silicate,Nitrate,Nitrite,Ammonium ...

3. Eocene/Oligocene Boundary Paleoproductivity Data [NOAA_NCDC_PALEO2003-091]
Eocene/Oligocene boundary paleoproductivity data from Ceara Rise, Ocean Drilling Program Site 925: 4 12.25 N, 43 29 W, 3040m depth. ABSTRACT (from the online documentation) Paleoproductivity, nutrient ...

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