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1. Biological evolution of Antarctic lakes [ASAC_1131]
Beaver Lake, a large epishelf lake in Eastern Antarctica was sampled on two occasions during the austral summer of 2000. Two sites, one 1km offshore and another 6km offshore were sampled at intervals ...

2. National Forest Health Database - Merchantable Tree Data for the Canadian Forest Health Network [Canada_CFS_MerchTreeData]
Since 1984, Canadian Forest Service has been collecting data to help monitor the health of Canada's forests. Data is collected from a large number of strategically located plots all across Canada. ...

3. New York State Fish Tissue Contaminant Level Data [NYDEC_fishtissuecontaminantdata]
This study was initiated to survey contaminant concentrations in fish found in NY state waters.

4. Southwest Strategy Scientific Information Database [SID]
The Scientific Information Database (SID) is being developed for the Southwest Strategy Initiative and returns project-specific information on scientific research or collection activities on federal ...

5. IOWA Rivers Information System [IRIS]
The Iowa Rivers Information System (IRIS) provides a comprehensive access point for obtaining physical, chemical and biological information for Iowa's interior streams and ...

6. New Zealand Antarctic Soils Database [GGD25]
This data set includes the New Zealand National soils database, a comprehensive collection of data relating to Antarctic soils, permafrost, and frozen ground conditions. Data are from about 800 sites ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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