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1. MODIS Airborne Simulator (MAS) Measurements Taken Onboard the NASAER-2 During the TOGA COARE Intensive Observing Period [COARE_cm_er2.mas]
The TOGA COARE Data Information System has responsibility for distributing information about TOGA COAREdatasets and access paths.The MAS data are available upon request from NASA LAADS.Browse products ...

2. Study of convective movements in the Southern Ocean [AMD_BE_SO_CONVECTION]
[from ""] The project aims at working out a mathematical model able to provide, at the regional scale of the Weddell Sea, an accurate representation ...

3. Thermobaricity Workshop presentations, modeling, bibliography, data [thermobaricity_workshop]
The data comprises a website ("")containing talks and discussion from the Workshop of Thermobaric Instability in High Latitude Oceans, held 4-6 Oct 2000, ...

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