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1. Physical Properties of the US ITASE Firn and Ice Cores from South Pole to Taylor Dome [meese_0538494]
This award supports a project for physical properties research on snow pits and firn/ice cores with specific objectives that include stratigraphic analysis including determination of accumulation ...

2. Firn Air Study in the Megadunes Near Vostok, Antarctica [severinghaus_nsf0230452]
This award supports a study of the chemical composition of air in the snow layer (firn) in a region of "megadunes" near Vostok station, Antarctica. It will test the hypothesis that a deep ...

3. Firn Permeability and Density at WAIS Divide [NSIDC-0602]
This data set contains laboratory measurements of the density and permeability made from firn cores from the lock-in zone through pore close-off at the WAIS Divide and Megadunes sites.

4. Amery shallow ice coring [ASAC_1224]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 1224 See the link below for public details on this project. ---- Public Summary from Project ---- Ice core drilling is used to extract information from glacial ...

5. 15 year Wilhelm II Land MSA and HOOH shallow ice core record from Mount Brown South (MBS) [mbs_wilhelm_msa_hooh]   PARENT METADATA
This work presents results from a short firn core spanning 15 years collected from near Mount Brown, Wilhelm II Land, East Antarctica. Variations of methanesulphonic acid (MSA) at Mount Brown were ...

6. Firn core data from shallow drilling investigations in eastern Wilkes Land, East Antarctica [AADC-00065]
A shallow firn core drilling program was conducted in eastern Wilkes Land in 1985 by an ANARE glaciological team. In conjunction with surveys carried out on ice sheet topography and snow surface ...

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