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1. PO-SPACC - Portuguese small pelagic fish and climate change programme: a comparative retrospective analysis [GLOBEC_017_PO_001]
Fluctuations in small pelagic fish recruitment in the North-eastern Atlantic upwelling ecosystem have been observed, namely decreasing trends in the last decades. Sardine, horse mackerel and anchovy ...

2. Northeast Fishery Permits System, Including Permitted Fisheries [NMFS0004]
Data for permitted domestic fishing vessels as required by Federal regulations. Data include name and address of vessel owner, vessel characteristics, and permitted fisheries.

3. Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program - South Atlantic [SEAMAP-SA]
Written by OBIS-USA using excerpts from MRRI and SEAMAP-SA Homepages MRRI staff, funded by the Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program - South Atlantic (SEAMAP-SA) of the National Marine ...

4. DISCOVERY-OEM: Ocean Ecosystems and Management [GB-NERC-BAS-PDC-00513]
Maintaining long-term food security in a changing environment is one of the greatest challenges to the sustainable exploitation of the Earth System, including its oceans. The well publicised collapses ...

5. Fishing Ground in the Coastal Zone of Cambodia [BANd0204_113]
It shows the marine fish exploitation caught by the villagers of the coastal provinces and actual yield in 1994 - 95

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