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1. USGS Map Service Showing Geology, Oil and Gas Fields, and Geologic Provinces of the Arctic [USGS_OFR_97_470_J]
The digitally compiled map includes geology, oil and gas field centerpoints, and geologic provinces of the Arctic (North Pole area encircled by 640 N Latitude). The GIS data sets were designed originally ...

2. Alaska Radiocarbon Data Base; USGS, Menlo Park [USGS_ALASKA_RADIOCARBON]
This data base contains published radiocarbon dates with entries consisting of laboratory and reference numbers. The data set is subdivided into two segments including RCFILE which contains the radiocarbon ...

3. CLIMAP 18k bp Surface Configuration Data [FE01020]
The CLIMAP (Climate: Long-Range Investigation, Mapping, and Prediction) Project was funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the International Decade of Ocean Exploration (IDOE). The ...

4. Core Research Center Information System; USGS, Denver [USGS_CORE_RESEARCH_CENTER]
Descriptive data of core samples housed within the Core Research Center. The database contains information about drill hole locations, intervals of core availability, formation names, and geologic ...

5. Crustal Ages of the Ocean Floor - Poster [gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.geophysics.G01167]
The Crustal Ages of the Ocean Floor Poster was created at NGDC using the Crustal Ages of the Ocean Floor database draped digitally over a relief of the ocean floor database. The Crustal Ages of the ...

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