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1. Biscayne Aquifer geologic data [USGS_SOFIA_ba_geologic_data]
This report from which the data is taken identifies and characterizes candidate ground-water flow zones in the upper part of the shallow, eogenetic karst limestone of the Biscayne aquifer using GPR, ...

2. Radar Studies of Internal Stratigraphy and Bed Topography along the US ITASE-II Traverse [NSIDC-0475]
This data set contains ice penetrating radar data from the US-International Trans-Antarctic Science Expedition (ITASE) Traverse, from Taylor Dome to South Pole recorded by the St. Olaf College deep ...

3. Radar Studies of Subglacial Lake Whillans and the Whillans Ice Stream Grounding Zone [NSIDC-0594]
This data set includes ground-based, gridded, ice-penetrating radar thickness and basal reflection power, along with GPS coordinates, for two areas of Whillans Ice Stream: Subglacial Lake Whillans ...

4. Seismic and radar investigations of Fourcade Glacier on King George Island, Antarctica [KPDC_SRIFG_KGI_2006]
To determine P- and S-wave velocities, elastic properties and subglacial topography of the polythermal Fourcade Glacier, surface seismic and radar surveys were conducted along a 470-m profile in November ...

5. The use of ground penetrating radar for road management in Antarctica [GPR_ROAD_ANARE53_CASEY]
10 lines of GPR data along and around Casey road, collected using Ramac GPR 250 MHz antenna. Data are in .rad and .rd3 format.

6. The use of ground penetrating radar in contaminated site assessment in Antarctica - a pilot study at Casey and Wilkes [GPR_TIP_ANARE53_CASEY]
GPR data collected over two abandoned tip sites in Antarctica: Wilkes tip and Thala Valley tip. Ramac 250 MHz antenna was used. Data format is .rad and .rd3.

7. Use of ground penetrating radar to elucidate ice structure and moraine formation processes in the Windmill Islands [GPR_MORAINE_ANARE53_CASEY]
GPR cross sections collected above the Loken Moraines, near Casey Station, Antarctica. The instrument used was Ramac GPR with 50 MHz and 25 MHz unshielded antennas. Data are in .rad and .rd3 format.

8. Amery Ice Shelf - hot water drill borehole, 2001-02 - AM01 ground penetrating radar data in vicinity of borehole site [ASAC_1164_AM01_GPR]   PARENT METADATA
AM01 borehole drilled January 2002. Data collected in series of files over a period of 2 days after completion of borehole. Consult Readme file for detail of data files and formats.

9. Collaborative Research:History and Evolution of the Siple Coast Ice Stream Systems as Recorded by Former Shear-Margin Scars [raymond_nsf9909518]
This data set is a study of the scar-like features that are well-known from the Siple Coast ice stream system in West Antarctica. The objective of the field work was to identify the nature ...

10. Ground Penetrating Radar Data from Windmill Islands - miscellaneous data [GPR_miscellaneous]
Old data collected by Jared Pettersson, and found by the Australian Antarctic Data Centre. Note, this metadata record has not been produced by the scientist in question, but by the Australian Antarctic ...

11. Ground Penetrating Radar data collected at Macquarie Island at the Station, tip and transmitter hut sites [GPR_MACCA_ANARE53]
GPR data collected at Macquarie Island at three locations, at the station area, above the abandoned tip and around the ionosonde hut. The instrument used was Ramac GPR with 250 MHz antennas. The ...

12. Ground Penetrating Radar, Barrow, Alaska [Ground_Penetrating_Radar_Barrow_Alaska]
This is 500 MHz Ground Penetrating Radar collected along the AB Line in Intensive Site 1 beginning in October 2012 and collected along L2 in Intensive Site 0 beginning in September 2011. Both continue ...

13. Ground penetrating radar measurements on blue ice fields in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, in 1999/2002 [gpr19992000DML]
Ground penetrating radar (GPR) data measured with 800, 200 and 50 MHz antennas on blue ice areas and their accumulation areas. Raw GPR data, positions measured with differential ...

14. Pre-ABoVE: Ground-penetrating Radar Measurements of ALT on the Alaska North Slope [ReSALT_ALT_GPR]
This data set includes estimates of permafrost Active Layer Thickness (ALT; cm), and calculated uncertainties, derived using a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) system in the field in August 2014 near ...

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