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1. Skua studies (population numbers, territorial behaviour, the breeding cycle, mortality and the effect of the penguin colonies on normal activity of skuas) at Cape Royds and Cape Hallett colonies [K017_1959_1960_NZ_1]
The penguin and skua colonies at Cape Royds were used to study skua-penguin association. A population count of skuas (Catharaeta maccormicki) at Cape Royds was conducted from late October to late ...

2. The relationship between skuas and adelie penguins at the Cape Bird colonies: penguin egg and chick mortality from skua predation and territorial, feeding and breeding behaviour of skuas about the penguin colony [K017_1965_1970_NZ_1]
A five year study on the relationship between skuas (Catharaeta maccormicki) and adelie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) was investigated at Cape Bird with two studies: a) A study of penguin egg ...

3. Measurement of the vibrations the sensory neurons of the anterior lateral line can detect in the Antarctic fish Pagothenia borchgrevinki in relation to prey detection [K012_1985_1986_NZ_2]
A study of predator-prey interaction was focussed into an investigation of non-visual sensory interaction between Pagothenia borchgrevinki and its prey. Recordings were made from sensory neurons of ...

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