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1. Onshore/Offshore Experiment in the Bering-Chukchi Sea, [PASSCAL_BSEA]
This report contains the data from fourteen deep-crustal wide-angle seismic reflection and refraction profiles recorded onland in western Alaska and eastern Siberia from marine air gun sources in ...

2. PASSCAL Assembled data set for Ouachita Experiment [OUACHITA_SEISMO_EXPT]
The 1986 Ouachita Lithospheric Seismology Experiment consisted of a 200 km seismic profile with 793 recording sites spaced approximately 250 m apart into which 29 shots were fired. The experiment ...

3. The Missouri to Massachusetts Broadband Seismometer Experiment [PASSCAL_MOMA]
In the MOMA experiment, 18 broadband seismometers were deployed between permanent IRIS/GSN stations CCM (Cathedral Caves, Missouri) and HRV (Harvard,Massachusetts), providing a linear 20-station array ...

4. Data from the PASSCAL NOMAD Experiment, Southern New York [PASSCAL_NOMAD]
STS-2s were deployed at four sites in southern New York (VASR, WIND, WICK, and SCCC) in June, 1997. The instruments at VASR and WIND were moved to UCON and UHRT in October, 1998, and the experiment ...

5. Digital terrain model Norway [ARNd0012_103]
Contourlines with ekv. 300 meters in the scale of 1:1mill. Gridded data extracted from the same source are also available. Generated on basis of data from Norwegian Mapping Authorities, H?nefoss, ...

6. Digital terrain model continental shelf Norway [ARNd0013_103]
Extract from the ETOPO5 for the continental shelf of Norway. Raster 0.5 * 0.5 degree**2. Depthlines from (NSKV) Mapping authority of Norway are also available. Digital terrain model continental shelf ...

7. Geomorphology Forms of Poland [WARd0005_108]
Geomorphological forms of Poland created within Central Scientific Programme 10.4/1989. Digitized from the map of relief types in Poland; Scale 1:1 000 000.

8. IRIS Program for Array Seismic Studies of the Continental Lithosphere (PASSCAL) [EARTH_INT_SEIS_IRIS_03]
IRIS has organized studies of the continental lithosphere using portable arrays of seismic receivers. Several of these use earthquakes as sources and several use explosive sources. Studies include ...

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