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1. Primary productivity, pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry and nutrient drawdown data from the marginal ice zone: BROKE-WEST survey 30o-80oE, 2006 [BROKE-West_primary_productivity]
This data set contains primary productivity, pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry, and nutrient drawdown numbers associated with the abstract presented below. 14C Primary Productivity Gross column-integrated ...

2. Palmer Station Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) R/V Polar Duke Annual Cruise Data, November 1991 [LTER_PAL_PD9109]
Data was collected during the Austral spring LTER time-series R/V Polar Duke cruise covering the marginal ice zone (MIZ) region within the large scale LTER grid. Daily shipboard sampling of most ...

3. Strain meter measurements on an actively breaking ice edge to investigate sea wave/ice interactions and the break up processes of sea ice [K131_1994_1998_NZ_3]
The interaction between the ocean wave field and the sea ice in the marginal fast ice zone was measured by first designing and testing a prototype strain meter especially designed for operation near ...

4. Investigation into the relationship between floe size distribution (FSD), differential floe motion and jostling, and ocean wave fields penetrating the Ross Sea marginal ice zones [K131_1998_1999_NZ_1]
The relationship between floe size distribution, differential floe motion and jostling and ocean wave fields penetrating the Ross Sea marginal ice zone was investigated using ship borne access to ...

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