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1. Till and Moraine Formation in Dry Areas [ASAC_385]
Metadata record for data from ASAC Project 385 See the link below for public details on this project. From the abstract of the referenced paper: During the Australian National Antarctic Research ...

2. Cape Denison Historic Site, Commonwealth Bay - GIS DataSet Digitised from Cape Denison Map [cden_gis]
Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay, GIS dataset is a topographic database detailing huts, penguins and natural features such as moraine and lakes. The dataset includes a 5m contour interval. These shapefiles ...

3. Ross Embayment till provenance from sand petrography [Ross_Embayment_till_provenance]
Sand petrographic data were collected on the 500-2000 micron fraction of LGM-age till from the Ross Embayment. Moraine samples from the Beardmore, Byrd, Darwin/Hatherton Glaciers, ...

Surficial geologic maps of Vermont are available for 7.5 minute and 15 minute quadrangles . The maps include materials, landforms, cross-sections, and some include depth to ...

5. Subfossil avian assemblages and marine invertebrates found within marine deposits help to reconstruct Holocene environmental history at Potter Peninsula [CDA_AR_GEO_PINGFO]   PARENT METADATA
Holocene marine invertebrates and subfossil avian assemblages were found within marine deposits elevated 1.17-16.7 m a.s.l. on the coasts of Potter Peninsula, King George Island. Early Holocene Laternula ...

6. Surficial Geology Polygons for Mount Desert Island, Maine [coa_surficialgeology]
Surficial geology polygons for Mount Desert Island. Coded for surficial materials with a text description. The data was developed for planning and ecological research and to interact with other spatial ...

7. Use of ground penetrating radar to elucidate ice structure and moraine formation processes in the Windmill Islands [GPR_MORAINE_ANARE53_CASEY]
GPR cross sections collected above the Loken Moraines, near Casey Station, Antarctica. The instrument used was Ramac GPR with 50 MHz and 25 MHz unshielded antennas. Data are in .rad and .rd3 format.

8. Woodfordian Moraines of Illinois [IGDNR_MORAINES]
This is an Arc/Info polygon data set containing named Woodfordian moraines, or Wisconsinan end moraines, of Illinois. Scale is 1:500,000. The primary source for the data is ISGS Bulletin ...

9. Investigation of coastal sites in Granite Harbour for evidence of Holocene glacier expansion and a survey of the moraine ridge system in Cuff Cape [K042_1989_1990_NZ_3]
A reconnaisance survey of both coastal features in Granite Harbour and nunataks on the south side of the Mackay Glacier was conducted to search for evidence of Holocene glacier expansion both at sea ...

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