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1. The adaptation of cyanobacterial mats from the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Mt Discovery and the Alph River system to Antarctic environmental extremes [K081_1990_1991_NZ_1]
The microbial adaptations of the cyanobacterial mats of the ponds of the McMurdo Ice Shelf to the environmental extremes experienced at this location, including changes in temperature and salinity, ...

2. The spatial and temporal variability of nutrients (nitrogen, phosporous, carbon) and plant biomass (cyanobacterial biofilms) on the McMurdo Ice Shelf ecosystem [K081_1987_1988_NZ_1]
The area near Bratina Island was studied by examining scales (large and small) of variability (spatial and temporal) of nutrients and plant biomass on the McMurdo Ice Shelf (MIS) with an aim to examine ...

3. The structure and environmental physiology of Antarctic cyanobacterial mats in the McMurdo Ice Shelf ecosystem [K081_1989_1990_NZ_1]
A detailed understanding of how cyanobacterial mats in the ponds of the McMurdo Ice Shelf are structured and how they derive their carbon, nitrogen and energy supply was investigated with a broad ...

4. Algal composition, physico-chemical features, photosynthetic carbon metabolism, nitrogen cycling and the structure and metabolic properties of algal mats in lakes and streams of southern Victoria Land [K081_1983_1986_NZ_1]
A three year study of lakes and stream of southern Victoria Land was conducted from 1983-1986. In the first season, the algal composition and physico-chemical characteristics of South Victoria Land ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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