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1. Apalachicola-Chatahoochee-Flint River Basin Surface Water Data [usgs_nawqa_acf_surfacewater]
Surface- and ground-water quality data were collected in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF) River basin from August 1992 to September 1995 as part of the USGS National Water Quality Assessment ...

2. Climatic and Environmental Studies by Means of Ice Cores - CDA_AR_GLA_GLAF_ICE_CORES [CDA_AR_GLA_GLAF_ICE_CORES]
More than twenty years ago the Instituto Antartico Argentino initiated ice-cores studies in the Antarctic Peninsula. It also carried out the first work of this type in the Argentine central Andes. ...

3. Concentrations of atmospheric volatile organic compounds (VOCs): 2012 Northwestern Pacific Oceans [KPDC_CAVOC_ARCTIC_2012]
Atmospheric volatile organic compounds in the marine boundary layer was monitored from July 14 to September 24 by the PTR-TOF-MS (Proton Transfer Reaction Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer) along the ...

4. Laboratory Studies of Photochemistry in Antarctic Snow and Ice [anastasio_0230288]
Our US NSF-funded project had two major parts: (1) measuring the quantum yields for photolysis of nitrite (NO2-), nitrous acid (HNO2), and hydrogen peroxide (HOOH) using laboratory ...

The NARSTO_EPA_SS_HOUSTON_TEXAQS2000_PM25_ORG_DATA file contains 24-hour integrated organic speciation of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) collected August 15, 2000 through September 30, 2000 at the ...

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