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1. Pliocene Trend in the Deep-Water, Garden Banks Area of the Gulf of Mexico [MMS_PAPER_PLIOCENE_GOM]
The dowloaded GIF image from this site is a map based on well and seismic data that provides the hydrocarbon potential, ranked from low to high, in deposits containing Pliocene sediments. The accompanying ...

2. Ocean Polygon from Mount Desert Island [coa_oceanpolygon]
Ocean polygon from Mount Desert Island shoreline out to the extent of the MDI municipal jurisdoction. The data set was created to define the salt water bodies of Mount Desert ...

3. Soils Description and Salt Content in Taylor Valley, Antarctica [sletten_0541054]
The is a summary of soils sampled in Taylor Valley, Antarctica. The soils are described and analyzed for salt content and texture. Some soils are dated by OSL.

4. Southern prince charles mountains: sediments and salts [1071_PCMEGA]
Field analysis of included quantification of clast rounding and lithology, and weathering features such as tafoni, elongated pitting, sand accumulations, frost shattering, glacial polish, and the ...

5. Water samples from supraglacial lakes, Queen Maud Land [lehtinen_supraglacial_lakes2004]
Hydrogeochemical research about the supraglacial lakes in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. Main research target was the supraglacial lakes in Vestfjella mountains. Data consist of water, salt and rock ...

6. A qualitative investigation into scavenging of airborne sea salt over Macquarie Island. [ANARE-26]
A comparative study made on the amount of sea salt (dominantly NaCl) deposited on Macquarie Island due to atmospheric precipitation. It is found that the scavenging of solid salt particles alone ...

7. Geologic map of the Eagle quadrangle, Eagle County, Colorado [USGS_Map_MF-2361]
This map was funded by the National Cooperative Geologic Program as part of the geologic mapping studies conducted along the I-70 urban corridor. This corridor is experiencing rapid urban growth ...

8. Glacial history of the Framnes Mountains, East Antarctica. [ASAC_1332]
Geological evidence from the Framnes Mountain, East Antarctica, will reveal changes in ice thickness from the Last Glacial Maximum 20,000 years ago to the present. A computer simulation of changes ...

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