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1. Posidonia oceanica Survey 2005 (EUROBIS) [Eurobis_833_1]
Survey data on Posidonia oceanica was gathered by volunteer divers during spring and summer 2005 in Cala Montgo, a sheltered bay and popular anchorage, near L'Escala within the Bay of Roses. Three ...

2. Seagrass Community Structure - Louisiana [brdnwrc0005]
Quality checked measurements of seagrass species distribution in Chandeleur Sound, LA. Natural disturbance associated with storms and hurricanes is recognized as a strong influence on the structure ...

3. SeagrassNet, a Seagrass Monitoring Network [gomc_2]
SeagrassNet to date is a successful monitoring program, providing the foundations for a long-term database that can evaluate the impact of human activity on the coastal ocean as well as global climate ...

4. The Distribution of Trace Metals in Florida Bay Sediments. [RSMAS_FJM-003]
The distribution of trace metals based on surface sediments collected at 40 stations across Florida Bay was done in June, November and February 2000-2001. Concentrations of Sc, V, Ba, Cd, Cr, Co, ...

5. 1998 Hurricane Mitch Honduras Habitat Data for the Islas de la Bahia and Northern coastal region. [usgs_nwrc_islasdelabahia]
This data set consists of digital data describing wetland (including seagrass habitat) and upland habitats in the northern coastal areas of Honduras affected by Hurricane Mitch in October 1998. The ...

6. Coastal Maine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Data 1993-1997 [Coastal_Change_Analysis_Program_Maine_SAV_data_set]
Maine's eelgrass (SAV) meadows form an important aquatic habitat for the state. These meadows provide shelter for juvenile fish, and invertebrates. In certain locations they also help stabilize unconsolidated ...

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