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1. Soil profile descriptions, Lake Wellman region, Antarctica [K123_2007_2008_NZ]
We sampled a chronosequence of soils on moraines in the Darwin Mountains ranging from early Holocene (10 ky) to mid Quaternary (ca 900 ky) in age to test if the structure and diversity of microbial ...

2. Geological investigation of the depositional setting of Beacon rocks in south Victoria Land including the Darwin Mountains, Cook Mountains, Britannia Range and the Convoy Range in Allan Hills [K042_1988_1989_NZ_2]
Devonian strata from south Victoria Land has been variously interpreted as marine and non-marine due to the presence of trace fossils that have previously been considered to indicate marine environments ...

3. Geological investigations of the Cambrian and Beacon sediments in the Bryd Glacier/Darwin Glacier region [K042_1978_1979_NZ_2]
Cambrian and Beacon sediments in the Byrd Glacier region of the Darwin Mountains were investigated. The sites visited included Mt Rainbow, Kiwi Pass, Mt Egerton, Mt Durnford, Mt Field, Mt Tuatara, ...

4. Geological mapping and examination of the Beacon SuperGroup in Victoria Land: Beacon Heights, Skelton Neve, Portal Mountain and Horseshoe Mountains, Allan Hills, Darwin Mountains and Victoria Valley area [K042_1970_1971_NZ_1]
The stratigraphy of the Beacon Super Group in the Beacon Heights was previously described. This study was continued this season, extending the stratigraphy northward to the Mackay Glacier and southward ...

5. Collaborative Research: Permian-Triassic Basin History of Southern Victoria Land and the Darwin Mountains [Isbell]
Summary of Project and Data Collected This is a collaborative sedimentological (John Isbell, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) , palynological (Rosemary Askin, Ohio State University), ...

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