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1. Biodiversity and ecophysiology of Antarctic sea-ice bacteria [ASAC_1012]
The data set includes information relevant for the study and description of sea-ice bacteria contains the following dataset subgroups and is organised by REFERENCE number. 1) Isolation data: strain ...

2. The Biochemistry, Ecology and Organic Geochemistry of Phaeocystis pouchetii communities of Davis Base, Antarctica [ASAC_113]
This metadata record covers ASAC projects 113, 191 and 625. (ASAC_113, ASAC_191, ASAC_625). The total lipid, fatty acid, sterol and pigment composition of water column particulates collected near ...

3. Copepod faecal pellets and carbon flux in the coastal sea-ice zone [Copepods]
This dataset contains samples collected at O'Gorman Rocks and Ellis Fjord near Davis station from December 1997 to March 1998. Depth-stratified zooplankton samples were obtained for determination ...

4. The Zooplankton Ecology of Ellis Fjord [ASAC_379]
From the abstract of one of the papers: A study was made of the sub-littoral benthic environment of Ellis Fjord, a 10km-long fjord located near Davis Station, in the Vestfold Hills, Antarctica, over ...

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