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1. European Diatom Database-Kola Peninsula pH Dataset [uk_nc_eddi_kola]   PARENT METADATA
The European Diatom Database (EDDI) is a web-based information system designed to enhance the application of diatom analysis to problems of surface water acidification, eutrophication ...

2. Micromosaic Structure of Plant Vegetation Cover on the Kola Peninsula, Russia [RUS_KTV_PLANT]
This data includes characteristics of spatial structure and diversity of forest-tundra ecotone ecosystems. The lists of plant species for compartments and indexes of biodiversity were presented in ...

3. Soil Macrofauna Characteristics and Soil Temperature and Chemistry Data of the Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula, Russia [KIO_RUS_SoilFauna]
Data include: - the main characteristics of soil macrofauna (species composition, abundance, biomass) in forest?tundra ecotones of the Khibiny Mountains, Kola Peninsula, Russia. - soil temperature ...

4. Maps of dynamic tundra-forest vegetation on Kola Peninsula [Kola-1986-2004_landscape]
Results of comparison maps and aero photos and satellite images on Kola Peninsula, Russia during the period 1962-1986 and 1986-2004. Results of map comparison contain plots of different in vegetation ...

5. PPS Arctic Norway [org.polarresearch-621]
The PPS Arctic Norway project is the Norwegian contribution to the circumpolar IPY core project PPS Arctic (Present day processes, Past changes, and Spatiotemporal variability of biotic, abiotic and ...

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