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1. Radiocarbon ages of sterols and of total organic carbon from Weddell Sea and Gerlache Strait sediments [Seds_14C_compound_classes_TOC]
Sterols in a core from the Schollaert Drift, Gerlache Strait, Antarctica can be used successfully to determine the ages of sediment horizons. It has, however, not been possible to extend ...

2. Biochemical Studies on Antarctic Krill from the Instituto Antartico Argentino [CDA_AR_BIO_BIOCHEMICALKRIL_DATA]
This work is part of the research program undertaken by the Argentine Institute and the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The investigations on biochemisty and nutritional characteristics of ...

3. R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer NBP0703 - Collaborative Research: Controls on Sediment Yields from Tidewater Glaciers from Patagonia to Antarctica [NBP0703]   PARENT METADATA
The NSF-supported research icebreaker Nathaniel B. Palmer operates year-round in support of the U.S. Antarctic Program, carrying out global change studies in biological, chemical, physical, and oceanographic ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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