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1. Study of the benthic fauna and flora of the seabeds in southern area of Livingston Island [CNDA-ESP_93-94-0996-1161_16-21]
In English: Estimate of the plentifulness of the different benthic species, by means of samples collected in radial areas with drag box-corer, Agassiz drag and suprabenthic grip slipper, on the southern ...

2. Measurement of ice velocity and mass balance at Hurd Glacier - CNDA-ESP_RAD02ANT99-0963BAS016 [CNDA-ESP_RAD02ANT99-0963BAS016]
In English: This dataset contains information on the project DYNAMICS OF HURD GLACIER, which is aimed at the measurement of the mass balance (accumulation and ablation) in ...

3. Patterns of face coloration on Antarctic fur seal pups, Arctocephalus gazella, on Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, Antarctica [018-82_15]
The data consist of eight patterns of face coloration in pups, which can be indicator of the genetics of the population on the Cape.

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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