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1. NOAA AVHRR and TOVS Digital CCT product in SHARP level 1B format [AVHRR.TOVS.SHARP1]
SHARP is the ESA-Earthnet format for AVHRR and TOVS data. It stands for Standard-family HRPT Archive Request Product. It adopts the internationally-recognised Standard-Family Tape Format ...

2. Daily Weather Maps for Europe and North Africa and Daily, Monthly, and Annual Climate Data for Algeria, Tunisia, Nile Basin and the Mediterranean [NCL00001_2_4_25_26]
The Europe, North Africa, Algeria, and Tunisia data reside in 73 books titled 'Bulletin Meteorologique De L'Algerie Meteorologie De L'O.N.A.M.' (Oversize Foreign Meteorology Data) and is written in ...

3. Landsat 5 TM Mosaic of Africa [Canada_SpatialMap_Africa]
This is an on-line Landsat 5 TM mosaic of Africa. The mosaic resolution has been degraded from 30 metre pixels to 130 metre pixels. This data is freely available on-line, via the Spatial Image Web ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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