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1. Rock samples for fission track dating from several locations along the Victoria Land coast, used to obtain rates of uplift and vertical movement of the Transantarctic Mountains [K043_1983_1986_NZ_1]
The study of mountain uplift using fission-track dating techniques requires sampling at regular intervals over significant elevation ranges in order to gain information representing the greatest possible ...

2. Southern Victoria Land Geological Map, 1:250 000, GNS Science [K105_2008_2009_NZ_2]
Geological field observations collected from New Harbour, Kukri Hills, Ferrar Glacier, Bettle Peak, Blue Glacier, Mt Lister, Salmon Valley, Cape Chocolate and Walcott Bay; of basement rock, Beacon ...

3. The interactions between a polar glacier tongue (Mackay Glacier Tongue and Blue Glacier), sediment and sea water at the grounding line using an ROV [K042_1991_1992_NZ_1]
The Mackay Glacier Tongue and Blue Glacier was explored with a submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to determine whether sediment was being shielded by freezing or melting out onto the sea ...

4. The relationship between sediment texture, micro-organisms (diatom and Foraminifera), water depth and current to 100m along the Victoria Land coast from Trip Island to Cape Armitage, McMurdo Sound [K042_1987_1988_NZ_1]
The relationship between sediment texture, micro-organisms (diatom and Foraminifera), water column currents and water depth was investigated along the shoreline (to the 100m contour) of the Victoria ...

5. A mineralisation survey in the Koettlitz-Blue Glacier and Taylor Valley region to determine the geochemical prospecting of the region [K042_1964_1965_NZ_2]
A mineralisation survey was conducted in the Koettlitz-Blue Glacier and Taylor Valley region because previous work in these areas mapped Precambrian basement rocks similar to those found in mineralised ...

6. Experiments to determine the processes governing the colonization of micro-organisms in extreme Antarctic fellfields [K015_1982_1983_NZ_1]
In Antarctica, moisture, temperature and other climatic regimes and the quality and stability of the prevailing mineral substrate act as extreme limiting factors for colonization by microbes, cryptograms ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6

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