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1. Short term climate measurements and permafrost and soil moisture content of coastal mountain zones: Coombs Hills, Convoy Range and Asgard Range [K150_1994_1995_NZ_1]
Permafrost and soil moisture properties were measured at 15 sites in the Coombs Hills and Northwind Glacier and from 2 additional sites in the Asgard Range and the lower Barwick Valley to determine ...

2. The assessment of the persistence of human impacts (field party disturbances) in the Asgard Range, Barwick Valley (both sites disturbed 30 years prior) and at Marble Point (disturbed up to 5 years prior) [K150_1994_1995_NZ_2]
The assessment of the persistence of human impacts was made by examining sites that had been disturbed by field parties up to thirty years previous in the Asgard Range (6 sites) and Barwick Valley ...

3. Geological investigation of the depositional setting of Beacon rocks in south Victoria Land including the Darwin Mountains, Cook Mountains, Britannia Range and the Convoy Range in Allan Hills [K042_1988_1989_NZ_2]
Devonian strata from south Victoria Land has been variously interpreted as marine and non-marine due to the presence of trace fossils that have previously been considered to indicate marine environments ...

4. Geological mapping 1:50,000 in the Convoy Range and determining the glacial history through surficial deposit mapping and investigations [K112_1989_1990_NZ_1]
1:50,000 geological mapping of the Convoy Range was conducted covering an area of some 2,500 square kilometres extending from the Mackay Glacier in the south to the Fry and Chattahoochee Glaciers ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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