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1. BIOTEX 1 [93308234558848]
The BIOTEX 1 expedition was borne out of the BIOTAS (Biological Investigations of Terrestrial Antarctic Systems) programme of SCAR. Hosted by the Programma Nazionale Richerche in Antartide (PNRA) ...

2. Satellite Tracking of Adelie Penguins in the Terra Nova Bay Region Antarctica [Tracking_EDP]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset contains the results from satellite tracking the movements of Adelie Penguins (Pygoscellis adeliae) from Edmonson Point in the Terra Nova Bay region, Antarctica. By the use of satellite ...

3. The terrestrial, marine and freshwater microalgae from Antarctica: biodiversity, physiological and molecular aspects. [MicroalgaeAntarctica]
This data set describes the research carried out from 1988 to 2003 on samples collected in the sea (Terra Nova Bay and Wood Bay), in several lakes (Edmonson Point, Markham Island, Inexpressible Island, ...

4. Extremophiles in Antarctica during 1989-2004 [Extremophiles_in_Antarctica]
Studies on biodiversity of microorganisms in Antarctica were carried out since 20 years. Particularly attention was made on those microorganisms defined for their growth conditions extremophiles. ...

5. Genetic variability and patterns of colonisation in Antarctic mosses [K022_1992_1995_NZ_1]
The geographic and microgeographic organisation of variation at genetic marker loci in mosses of the McMurdo Sound region was investigated. Samples of five species of mosses including Bryum argenteum, ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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