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1. Observations of Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddelli) injuries: nature, size, location, time taken to heal, infection mircoorganisms and cause of infections [K017_1966_1967_NZ_3]
Seals were examined closely for injuries, the nature, size and location of each wound being recorded in field notes and diagrammatically on a separate sheet for each seal. Seals were observed in the ...

2. Studies of the surface strain of Erebus Glacier Tongue to determine the process of calving [K009_1977_1978_NZ_3]
The surface deformation of the Erebus Glacier Tongue was measured in order to elucidate the calving mechanisms for the formation of icebergs. Surface strain, surface tilt, surface velocity and long ...

3. The physical properties of both sea ice and floating glacier ice of the Erebus Ice Tongue [K009_1980_1981_NZ_1]
Three separate strain sites at marked positions on a map were set up with numerous poles erected and revisited periodically on and around the Erebus ice tongue glacier. A helicopter was used to provide ...

4. Cold Spice: Double Diffusion Generated by Vertical Ice Walls at Erebus Ice Tongue and Drygalski Ice Tongue, Antarctica [K132_2010_2012_NZ_1]
“Ocean spice” refers to one of the great hidden mechanisms driving ocean missing. Large regions of the oceans are layered in such a way that differences in molecular characteristics between heat and ...

5. Ice thickness measurements of the Erebus Ice Tongue by radio echo sounder [K162_1985_1986_NZ_2]
The Erebus Ice Tongue breaks off near its mid point in single regular calving events at about 30 year intervals. A number of studies have been made on the growth rate, mass balance, ice physics and ...

6. Long term data from strain meters placed on the Erebus Glacier Tongue and surrounding sea ice measuring travelling flexural waves and strain measurements [K131_1983_1990_NZ_1]
Using a strain meter with a 500mm gauge length, the elastic and plastic strain of the Erebus Glacier tongue was measured as it moves in response to waves and swells present in the surrounding sea. ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6

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