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1. Bathymetric surveys, the geomorphology, glacial chronology, halite investigations, thermokarst formations, overland flow and stream bifurcations of Lake Bonney area [K009_1973_1974_NZ_1]   PARENT DIF
35 holes were drilled through the ice in the smaller western lobe of Lake Bonney and the bathymetry of the lake was determined. A further 52 holes were used for the eastern lobe bathymetry. Sediment ...

2. Physiochemical speciation of trace metals in Dry Valley Lakes: Lake Fryxell, Lake Vanda and Lake Bonney [K013_1985_1986_NZ_1]
Limnological studies were conducted at mid-lake sites at Lake Fryxell, Vanda and Bonney in November and December 1985. The primary objective was to examine the speciation of metals in the water column ...

3. Soil salt concentrations as indicators of prior lake levels: Lakes Bonney and Vanda [K009_1973_1974_NZ_3]   PARENT DIF
In the belief that geochemical techniques may assist to unravel the complexities of the Antarctic glacial moraine, a project was undertaken to investigate the concentrations of salts in the soils ...

4. Geochemical and geomorphological investigations of the McMurdo Dry Valleys freshwater and saline water bodies [K211_1963_1987_NZ_1]   CHILD DIFs
Since the 1963-1964 season, Japanese scientists have studied major and trace elements, nutrient matter, stable and radioactive isotopes and organic constituents in lakes and ponds and geological samples ...

5. Geophysical studies of Lake Vanda, Wright Valley, including lake water and ice parameters and geomorphological studies of the surrounding physical environment with comparisons with other nearby water bodies [K211_1970_1973_NZ_1]   PARENT DIF
A geophysical study of Lake Vanda, Wright Valley was conducted over three seasons focussing on the heat balance of the lake with geochemical and geomorphological studies running concurrently. Comparisons ...

6. Investigation of the physics (heat balance) and chemistry of Lake Bonney, Taylor Valley, 1962-1963 [K042_1962_1963_NZ_1]
The heat balance and chemistry of Lake Bonney was investigated in the 1962-63 field season. Temperature profiles were measured through 11 holes drilled in the surface ice of Lake Bonney. Of these, ...

7. Measurements of water temperature, spectral irradiance (amount of sunlight), density and salt concentration from lakes in the Taylor and Wright Valley [K042_1963_1964_NZ_1]
The physics and chemistry of the many lakes and ponds in the McMurdo Dry Valleys was investigated in the 1963-64 field season. Previous work on Lakes Vanda and Bonney in the Wright and Taylor Valleys ...

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