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1. Analysis of soil samples for human comensal micro-organism to determine the degree of human induced microbial contamination of heavily used regions [K023_2001_2002_NZ_2]
Mineral soils from the immediate vicinity of field campsites in the Wright Valley, Miers Valley and Bratina Island campsites were sampled daily during occupation. The samples were analysed with PCR ...

2. Characterisation and sampling of the macrobenthic community structure of coastal sublittoral soft bottom habitats in Antarctica [K163_1989_1990_NZ_1]
Coastal soft-bottom communities contain diverse assemblages of animals. Biological interactions and physical disturbances are thought to be important in determining community structure on the small ...

3. Cumulative impacts and rates of recovery of the Antarctic soil environment at Scott Base and vicinity, Crater Hill, Observation Hill and Capes Evans and Royds [K026_2008_2009_NZ_1]
Soil profile descriptions from the a number of disturbed and undisturbed sites in the vicinity of Scott Base and McMurdo Station, including Crater Hill, Observation Hill, and Home Beach at Cape Evans ...

4. Examination of the accumulation of dust and organic debris in the vicinity of Scott Base, McMurdo Station and around Hut Point Peninsula [K150_1982_1983_NZ_3]
The effects of long continued human occupation of Antarctic soils and the environment was studied in the areas surrounding Scott Base, McMurdo Station and Hut Point peninsula. The accumulation of ...

5. Gravity Measurements for Hut Point Peninsula Base Stations [K105_2008_2009_NZ_1]
Construction of buildings at McMurdo Station and Scott Base has resulted in the loss of several of the gravity base stations established during and shortly after the IGY. Antarctica New Zealand established ...

6. Investigating respiratory viruses from Antarctic personnel at Scott Base, McMurdo Station and South Pole Station to determine immune system adaptation to climatic extremes [K016_1975_1976_NZ_1]
Aspects of human biomedical and immunological adaptation to Antarctic isolation was studied including the occurrence of respiratory virus infections in people overwintering in Antarctica and the reasons ...

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