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1. Evaluation of a portable drill for obtaining orientated paleomagnetic samples and detailed mapping and sampling of McMurdo volcanics for petrographic examination and detailed geochemistry studies [K042_1971_1972_NZ_1]
An evaluation of the use a portable drill for obtaining oriented paleomagnetic samples was undertaken on Ross Island. In all, 19 sites were sampled using the drill at Cape Crozier, Cape Bird, Cape ...

2. Field mapping data and petrological collections for petrography, geochronology and geochemistry, of rocks from Mt Morning, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica [K062_2004_2006_NZ_1]
Mt Morning is the most southerly of a series of central type volcanoes that make up the McMurdo Volcanic Group of south Victoria Land. It is characterised by a trachyte - basanite - phonolite assemblage. ...

3. Investigation of soil salts and glacial features at sites in the Taylor Valley, Mount Discovery and Mount Morning [K042_1976_1977_NZ_2]
A study was conducted to make soil and surface measurements (temperature profiles, frozen ground level depths, surface colour, etc) on dark surfaces at chosen localities, to examine and sample the ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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