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1. Observations of Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddelli) injuries: nature, size, location, time taken to heal, infection mircoorganisms and cause of infections [K017_1966_1967_NZ_3]
Seals were examined closely for injuries, the nature, size and location of each wound being recorded in field notes and diagrammatically on a separate sheet for each seal. Seals were observed in the ...

2. The breeding behaviour (territorial behaviour, male quality, movement and mating success) of male and female Weddell seals in relation to reproductive success during the breeding season [K027_1997_2001_NZ_1]
The breeding behaviour of the Weddell seal, Leptonychotes weddelli at the Turtle Rock colony in McMurdo Sound was studied over four breeding seasons. The aim was to quantify the male and female behaviour ...

3. The effects of human impacts on Antarctic sponge species in the Ross Sea [K059_2001_2003_NZ]
The effects of human impacts on the microbial and chemical ecology of Antarctic sponge species was investigated. Sponges dominate many of the shallow marine Antarctic habitats and due to the large ...

4. Underwater recordings of Weddell seal calls recorded as a indication of male attributes, both inter and intra-sexual interactions during the breeding season in Weddell seals [K027_1997_2001_NZ_2]
To determine if male weddell seal calls reveal information on male attributes, recordings of major Weddell call types from all of the sampled males at the Turtlerock colony was correlated with measurements ...

5. Life In The Ice: Microbial Diversity and Function in Antarctic Sea Ice Ecosystems [K043_2010_2012_NZ_2]
Our hypothesis is that ‘spatial and temporal variations in diversity and ecosystem function of the sea ice microbial community are sensitive indicators of changing climatic conditions’. The research ...

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