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1. NW European Shelf Tidal Current Constituent Data Bank (1970-1988) [BODC_NWEurShelf_TidalConst]
The data set comprises full tidal analyses for over 800 current meter records collected at 400 sites in the seas around the British Isles, covering the continental shelf area and the shelf slope. ...

2. The United Kingdom Digital Marine Atlas (UKDMA) Version 2.0 [UKDMAP]
This data set is an IBM compatible PC-based Marine Atlas covering the Northeast Atlantic and mainly centered on the British Isles. It comes on 5 1.4mb floppy diskettes and runs under DOS Version 3.0 ...

3. Coastal Baseline Survey of England and Wales Collected by the UK Environment Agency [UK_EA_NCEMS_001]
The Environment Agency is responsible for monitoring the entire coastal zone as defined by the three nautical mile limit. An R & D project (Airborne Remote Sensing of Coastal Waters, published in ...

4. Daily, Monthly, Annual Climate Data Including Temperature, Wind, Rainfall, Sunshine, and Precipitation for the British Isles (1803-1910) [NCL00152153154155156183212218]
The temperature, rainfall, and sunshine data resides in 1 book, 'Monthly Normals of Temperature, Rainfall, and Sunshine' (C/de 25 AO-95). The data contained in this book are tables and maps of monthly ...

5. Hourly, Daily and Weekly Weather and Climate Data for the British Isles and Daily Maps for the USSR, Europe, and North America (1878-1938) [NCL00157_170]
The daily and weekly weather data resides in 33 books, 'Weekly Weather Reports of the Meteorological Office' (C/de 25 AO-9). The data contained in these books are tables and maps of daily and weekly ...

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