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1. Twenty-Five Year Temperature and Precipitation Means for Denmark and Norway (1886-1910) [NCL00126]
The Norway and Denmark data reside in 1 book, 'Bericht Uber Die Ergebnisse De Beobachtungen Fur Das Liv-Est-Kurlandische Regenstationsnetz 25-Jahrige Mittelwerte' (C/dba S774), and is written in German. ...

2. Daily and Monthly Weather in Copenhagen, Denmark (1866-1874) [NCL00158]
The hourly, daily, and monthly surface weather data resides in 1 book, 'Tables Meteorologiques de Copenhague pour l'anee 1866' (C/daa H758) written in Dutch. The data contained in this book are tables ...

3. Greenland basemap [ARNd0084_103]
Basemap information of Greenland Incorrect bounding box Members informations: Attached Vector(s): MemberID: 1 Vector Name: ArcInfo generate files of Greenlands coastline Vector Thirteen ArcInfo ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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