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1. Radiocarbon Age Data - Eastern, Western and Arctic Canadian Offshore and Selected Lakes [Canada_GSC_RadioCarbonAge]
Each date is a radiocarbon age determined from Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) sediment samples. Most were analyzed by commercial labs such as Beta and Isotrace although some are from the GSC ...

2. Coastal Monitoring Data, Arctic and Eastern Canada and Selected Lakes [CANEMRCCRSCSS]
This data set consists of information on the location, date and results of repeated survey profiles and cliff edge measurements at coastal sites in Atlantic and Arctic Canada. Period of ...

3. Marine Sediment Geochemistry Data (Pore Water) [CANEMRCCRSAGCGEOCHEM]
This dataset consists of analyses for dissolved sulfate and ammonium done on pore water samples extracted from sediment cores. In addition, most of the sediment samples have been analyzed for organic ...

4. Marine Sediment Geochemistry Data (Solid Phase), Global Locations [Canada_GSC_MarineSedGeochemData]
This dataset consists of chemical analyses of metal concentrations and carbon contents of marine sediments (cores and grab samples) collected during research cruises conducted by, or for, the Geological ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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