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1. NOAA Marine Environmental Buoy Database [NOAA_NODC_Buoy_Data_on_CDROM]
Wind, wave, temperature and other marine data collected by the NOAA National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) network of ocean buoys are available on CD-ROM. NOAA's National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) ...

2. NODC Standard Format Coastal Current Meter (Resultants) (F005) Data (1972-1993) [FW00054]
This data set contains time series measurements of subsurface ocean currents obtained using moored current-measuring instruments, principally Aanderaa current meters (manufactured by Aanderaa Instruments,Inc.). ...

3. NODC Standard Format Marine Bacteria (F009) Data (1975-1979) [FW00057]
This file contains data from bacteriological studies of the water column and ocean bottom. Data include the density (number per unit volume, weight, or area of sample) of heterotrophic, hydrocarbonoclastic ...

4. NODC Standard Format Water Physics and Chemistry (F004) Data (1906-1985) [FW00053]
This file contains data from measurements and analyses of physical and chemical characteristics of the water column. Among chemical parameters that may be recorded are salinity, pH and concentration ...

5. The Estuarine Living Marine Resources Program [NOS00024]
The Estuarine Living Marine Resources Program (ELMR) program is a developing project to produce a comprehensive data base on the relative abundance, distribution and life history characteristics ...

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