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1. Process cruise CTD surveys, Georges Bank area, years 1995-1999, GLOBEC [ctd_cg_dg_dh_GB]
Process Study CTD temperature and salinity surveys were conducted in discrete/different hydrographic regimes on Georges Bank to better understand the impact of the environment ...

2. Water column concentrations of chlorophyll and phaeopigments, Georges Bank, 1995, GLOBEC [chlor_phaeo_GB]
Sampling for chlorophyll and phaeopigment concentrations were collected on 5 cruises to Georges Bank during the first half of 1995. Pigment extractions were prepared per Parsons ...

3. Continuous along track meteorology and sea surface data, Georges Bank, 1995-1999, US GLOBEC. [emet_GB]
Meteorological and sea surface parameters were observed continuously along the ship's track during sixty-seven US GLOBEC cruises to the Georges Bank region, years 1995-1999. ...

4. Current meter observations, Northeast Channel and adjacent sites, Georges Bank, 1993-1999, GLOBEC; and Georges Bank Northeast Peak ADCP 1996-1999 data [moor_curr_meter93_99_GB]
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) data were collected from 1996 to 1999 from a long-term moored array on the Northeast Peak of Georges Bank. ADCP velocity profiles were obtained with 1-m vertical ...

5. Drifting buoy data from the U.S. Northeast Continental Shelf [Drifters_US_NE_Continental_Shelf]
Collection of drifter tracks from various projects in the Northeast US with most being from the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank. Projects include ECOHAB, MERHAB, USGS Mass Bay, GLOBEC, SCOPEX, and ...

6. Eastern Canada Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration Geophysical Surveys - Basin Database [Canada_GSC_OffshHydrocarBasinDB]
This data set includes general information about most offshore eastern Canada, hydrocarbon exploration geophysical surveys. It also contains detailed location information on seismic reflection programs. ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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