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1. Nova Scotia Aquaculture Database [Canada_NS_AquacultureData]
The aquaculture database represents all current aquaculture activity in the province of Nova Scotia. It contains information on lease/license ownership, lease size, species type(s), location, etc. ...

2. Nova Scotia Fish Landings and Value [Canada_NS_FishLandingsValue]
The Nova Scotia Fish Landings and Value Spreadsheet is an annual statistical account of fish landings and value by district and county for Nova Scotia. Information in the Spreadsheet covers fish ...

3. 1:50,000 Coastal Series, Nova Scotia, Canada [Canada_NS_1_50000_Coastal]
In consultation with coastal mapping users throughout the Province, the Nova Scotia Geomatics Centre (NSGC) embarked upon the creation of a Nova Scotia Topographic Database (NSTDB) 1:50,000 ...

4. Eastern Canada Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploration Geophysical Surveys - Basin Database [Canada_GSC_OffshHydrocarBasinDB]
This data set includes general information about most offshore eastern Canada, hydrocarbon exploration geophysical surveys. It also contains detailed location information on seismic reflection programs. ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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