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1. Atlantic Stratocumulus Transition Experiment (ASTEX) Model Forcing and Data for the GEWEX Cloud System Study Data Integration for Model Evaluation (GCSS-DIME) [GISS_GCSS-DIME_ASTEX]
The Atlantic Stratocumulus Transition Experiment (ASTEX) took place from 1 June through 25 June 1992 off the northwest coast of Africa near the Azores, Madeira and Canary Island groups. ...

2. Monthly Atmospheric CO2 Mixing Ratios from the NOAA CMDL Carbon Cycle Cooperative Global Air Sampling Network, 1968-2002 [CDIAC_CO2_CMDL2]
This dataset consists of monthly carbon dioxide (CO2) mixing ratios from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory (CMDL - formally the ...

3. Physical and Chemical Ocean Data from the Coast of Spain, the Balearic Islands,the Canaries and the north-western coast of Africa [CEDO_PHY_CHEM]
The Centro Espanol de Datos Oceanograficos (CEDO) has data, chiefly physical and chemical parameters, obtained by coastal Spanish oceanographic centres in Santander, La Coruna, Vigo, Fuengirola, Mar ...

4. Multibeam collection for KN162L19: Multibeam data collected aboard Knorr from 2001-06-25 to 2001-07-22, departing from Las Palmas, Spain and returning to Bridgetown, Barbados [gov.noaa.ngdc.mgg.multibeam.KN162L19_Multibeam]   PARENT METADATA
This data set is part of a larger set of data called the MultiBeam Bathymetric Data Base (MBBDB) where other similar data can be found at

5. CANIGO (Canary Islands Azores Gibraltar Observations) CD-ROM [IMI_canigo]
The main goal of Canigo was to understand the functioning of the marine system in the Canary-Azores-Gibraltar region of the Northeast Atlantic Ocean and its links with the Alboran Sea through interdisciplinary ...

6. Cross shelf exchange in the Iberian and Canaries upwelling ecosystems [CAIBEX]
CAIBEX has collected inter-disciplinary data on ocean circulation, hydrography, water column biogeochemistry and octopus life cycle with monthly monitoring cruises over an annual cycle 2009 in two ...

7. Lunar cycles and Iron Fertilization (LUCIFER) [LUCIFER]
The project seeks to study the biogeochemical consequences of (1) the vertical mixing and the consequent planktonic bloom in the oceanic subtropical waters around the Canary Islands, (2) the influence ...

8. Met Office - Global Radiosonde Data (1997 - Present) [BADC_GLOBAL_RADIOSONDE]
This dataset consists of radiosonde data from stations worldwide. Stations are categorised into 7 regions: Africa, Asia, South America, North and Central America, South-West Pacific, Europe, ...

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