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1. Monitoring and general ecology of Antarctic fish of the Scotia Arc for resource conservation. Monitoreo y ecología general de peces antárticos del arco de Scotia aplicado a la conservación de los recursos. PICTA4 2008-11 [CDA_AR_MONITORING-ECOLOGY-ANTARCTIC-FISH-SCOTIAARC-PICTA4-2008-11]
ENGLISH: The scope of the Project is in line with the objectives of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR). Analysis is of the impact of the commercial ...

2. A dataset of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic invertebrates [block_invertebrates]
The dataset was compiled from papers entered into Block's bibliography of invertebrate occurrences in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic. The dataset provides a comprehensive list of all terrestrial ...

3. Antarctic Echinoids: an interactive database [SCAR-MarBIN] [Ant_Echinoids_SCARMarBIN]   PARENT DIF
"Antarctic Echinoids" is an interactive database synthesising the results of more than 100 years of Antarctic expeditions. It comprises information about 81 echinoid species ...

4. Checklist of insect species from the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic - 1954 [Antarctic_subantarctic_insects_checklist_1954]
Copied of a scanned document containing a check list from 1954 of known insect species from the Antarctic and sub-antarctic. Taken from the report: This check list contains all known records of ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4

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