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1. Primary Productivity (F029) from In-Situ Data Samples [FW00071]
This dataset contains data from measurements of primary productivity. The data are collected to provide information on nutrient levels and nutrient flow in offshore areas. In addition to cruise information, ...

2. NODC Standard Format Current Meter (Components) (F015) Data (1962-present) [FW00061]
This data set contains time series measurements of ocean currents. These data are obtained from current meter moorings and represent the Eulerian method of current measurement, i.e., the meters are ...

3. Climate Data for Europe and Russia (1830-1872) and Pressure Patterns for Eastern Europe and Asia (1836-1885) [NCL00019_29]
The Climate data for Europe and Russia resides in 27 books, 'Repertorium Fur Meteorologie' (C/db AO-3) and is written in Russian, German, and French. The data contained in these books are tables of ...

4. Marine Fish and Shellfish Surveys (F123) Data (1948 -1983) [FW00096]
This data type contains data from field sampling of marine fish and shellfish. The data derive from analyses of midwater or bottom tow catches and provide information on population density and distribution. ...

5. Meteorological, Hydrological, and Oceanic Data for the Entire Russian Continent Residing in Numerous Hardcopy Volumes (1700-1962) [NCL0001020-233839414347-495960]
Meteorological, hydrological, and oceanic data for the entire Russian continent resides in many hardcopy books and atlases. The following is a list of such references. 'Annales De L'Observatoire ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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