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1. New Jersey Landscape Change Research [RUTGERS_LANDSCAPE_CHANGE]
A group of researchers at Rutgers is collaborating to study and address one of New Jersey's most pressing issues: the rapid development of the state's landscapes. Building on existing research, like ...

2. Sterling Forest: An Ecological Analysis [RUTGERS_STERLING]
The interior forest habitat of the New York-New Jersy Highlands is being increasingly recoginzed as having significant biodiversity value. Satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems ...

3. The New Jersey Landscape Project. [RUTGERS_JERSEY_LANDSCAPE]
The New Jersey Landscape Project is a pro-active, ecosystem-level approach for the long-term protection of imperiled species and their important habitats in New Jersey. The project began in 1994 by ...

4. GIS and Farmland Preservation in New Jersey [RUTGERS_FARMLAND]
Geospatial technologies (remote sensing, GIS, GPS) have the potential to be integrated into existing policies that are spatially explicit or implicit. This project explores the technological possibilities ...

5. Hemlock Decline In the New Jersey Highlands Region [RUTGERS_HEMLOCK]
Over the past four decades, the eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) has been declining in health and vigor in eastern North America. Although other factors may be involved, the major cause of hemlock ...

6. Mapping New Jersey's Vernal Pools [RUTGERS_VERNAM_MAPPING]
Identification, Delineation and Faunal Surveys of Vernal Pools in New Jersey: What are vernal pools? Vernal pools are confined depressions, either natural or man-made, that maintain ponded water ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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