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1. Noble Gases in the WAIS Divide Ice Core as Indicators of Local and Mean-ocean Temperature [severinghaus_0944343]
This award supports a project to develop both a record of past local temperature change at the WAIS Divide site, and past mean ocean temperature using solubility effects on atmospheric krypton and ...

2. Siple Dome and Byrd ice core gas isotopes (d15N, d18O, dO2/N2, and dAr/N2) [0440975_severinghaus]
Gas-isotopic data from the Siple Dome and Byrd ice cores covering roughly the last 100 ka, consisting of d15N (15N/14N) of N2, d18O (18O/16O) of O2, dO2/N2, and dAr/N2. Derived parameters including ...

3. Collaborative Research: Replicate Coring at WAIS Divide to Obtain Additional Samples at Events of High Scientific Interest [severinghaus_1043421]
This award supports a project to obtain samples of ice in selected intervals for replication and verification of the validity and spatial representativeness of key results in the WAIS Divide ice core, ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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