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1. Calhoun Experimental Forest Soil Carbon Study [DU.CalhounForest]
This experiment began in 1962. The site history was a)pre-1800: Eastern North American deciduous forest; b)1800-1957: cotton,corn,wheat,pasture. The site was converted to forest in 1957, and the ...

2. Soil Organic Matter Network, Arlington Plots Organic Matter, Wisconsin, USDA-ARS and University of Wisconsin [USDA.ARS.CPSWPRC.Arlington]
This experiment was established in 1958 and consists of a continuous corn system with various levels of nitrogen application. In the preceding 25 years, there was continuous corn with residue burning. ...

3. Soil Organic Matter Network, Lancaster Rotation, Wisconsin, USDA-ARS and University of Wisconsin [USDA.ARS.CPSWPRC.Lancaster]
The Lancaster Rotation, Wisconsin, legume cereal rotation began in 1967. The area is characterized by rolling to hilly landscapes, with soil developed in loess deposits of variable thickness over ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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