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1. Daily Average Weather Data for Beira, Mozambique for 1921-1924 and Monthly Weather Data for Luanda, Angola for 1902-1910 and 1933-1936 [NCL00003_5]
The Luanda, Angola data reside in 2 books; 1) 'Resumo Das Observacoes Feitas Durante o Anno De 1902-1910' (C/fe AO A-ob); and 2) 'Velocidade oe direccao de vento dedozidas das sondagens aerologicas' ...

2. Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Surface Weather Data for England Including the Royal Meteorology Society Climatology (1760-1928) [NCL182192193194214215216217219]
The data resides in 2 books, 'The meteorological record Monthly results of observations made at the stations of the meteorological society, 1881-1894.' (C/de75 A1). These books contain tables of daily, ...

3. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual Meteorological Observations of England, Scotland, and Parts of Ireland (1851-1931) [NCL00179_190]
The weather data resides in 1 book, 'On the Meteorology of England, Southern Scotland and Ireland Ending December 1851 to December 31, 1871' (C/de 100 g54). The data contained in this book are tables ...

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