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1. Australian Institute of Marine Science – Bioresources Library. [AIMS_REEF_Bioresource_Library]   PARENT METADATA
Collection of marine organisms for bioactivity screening, focused in the shallow waters off the coastlines of Queensland and Western Australia, beginning in 1987 and continuing to the present. Small ...

2. Characterisation of seafloor imagery from the Sabrina Coast continental shelf [AAS_4320_NBP14-02_seafloor_imagery_data]
A total of 701 still images were analysed from 10 transects on the Sabrina Coast continental shelf. Imagery was collected from the RVIB Nathaniel B Palmer (NBP 14-02, 29 January - 16 March 2014) across ...

3. Survey of Benthic and Other Marine Invertebrates of Prydz Bay Region, Antarctica [ASAC_21]
Project Title: Survey of benthic and other marine invertebrates of the Prydz Bay region, Antarctica. Investigators: Dr W. Zeidler and Mrs K.L. Gowlett-Holmes, South Australian Museum, Adelaide. Project ...

4. A Biotic Database of Indo-Pacific Marine Mollusks [A_Biotic_Database_of_Indo-Pacific_Marine_Mollusks]   CHILD METADATA
Biotic Database of Indo-Pacific Marine Mollusks provides access to nomenclatural, distribution, and ecological information on Indo-Pacific Mollusks. Georeferenced specimen records from ANSP and AMS ...

5. Collections data on ecology of bottom animal of the Southern ocean [scarmarbin_1094]   PARENT METADATA
Collections data on ecology of bottom animal of the Southern ocean, compiled by Igor Smirnov, Anastasija Vasiljeva, Tatjana Konina, from the Zoological Institute, St Petersburg, Russia.

6. Grand Manan Basin - Deep Water Sediment Community (OBIS Canada) [obis.deepwatersedimentcom]   PARENT METADATA
This study investigates the faunal biodiversity of the deep water sediments of Grand Manan Basin in the Bay Fundy on the East Coast of North America. Specimens were collected using a 0.1m2 grab, and ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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