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1. Polar Orbiting and Geostationary Satellite Data from Dundee University via WWW [DUNDEE_UK]
The National Environment Research Council (NERC) Satellite Station at Dundee University (UK) server address on the WWW is ''. The Natural Environment Research Council, ...

2. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index from NOAA_AVHRR data [DFD-NOAA_AVHRR_NDVI]
The available data set comprises Normalized Difference Vegetation Index NDVI data derived from NOAA-AVHRR, and browse products; on-line access is offered by means of the Intelligent Satellite Data ...

3. The whole Hapex-Sahel experience data [HAPEX-DATA]
HAPEX-Sahel: the Hydrology-Atmosphere Pilot Experiment in the Sahel, 1990-1992. (The following text is an extract of : Geographical, biological and remote sensing aspects of the Hydrologic Atmospheric ...

4. Alaska AVHRR Twice-Monthly Composites [AK_AVHRR]
The goal of the Alaska Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) project is to compile a time series data set of calibrated, georegistered daily observations and twice-monthly maximum normalized ...

5. Daily Global Area Coverage (GAC) Images for Africa from the NOAA AVHRR Radiometers, 1982-1992, from SAI/JRC [SAI_JRC-AVHRR_GAC_AFRICA_LAND]
General information about NOAA-AVHRR can be queried by interested users in the category 'Sensor' and 'Source'. Some basic information is given hereafter. The Advanced Very ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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