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1. Physico-chemical properties of sea ice in relation to biological activity from ice cores taken along a transect in McMurdo Sound [K131_1999_2003_NZ_1]
The interactions between biological activity and physico-chemical characteristics of landfast first year sea ice were investigated in McMurdo Sound as a multiparametric analysis of the physico-chemical ...

2. The use of nuclear magnetic resonance to measure water content (a component of brine volume) and the diffusivity of liquid water in sea ice [K131_1994_1998_NZ_1]
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is able to discriminate signals arising from nuclei hosted by molecules in the solid state, from those in a liquid state and was therefore used to examine the state ...

3. Thick and thin sections and salinity and temperature profiles from natural refrozen and artificially refrozen sea ice cracks [K131_2001_2003_NZ_1]
Large marine organisms, specifically foraminifers and copepods, were collected from the sea ice, brine and water column from thin ice north of Beaufort Island at the beginning of the warming period ...

4. Land and sea ice sructure west and south of Ross Island measured by ground penetrating radar, UAV, and helicopter EM bird - K053_2009_2012_NZ_1 [K053_2009_2012_NZ_1]
This data set decribes surface and volume properties of snow and ice to validate radar satellite measurements. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) at 500 and 1000GHz provides information on snow layers ...

5. Measurement of electrical resistivity of sea ice in McMurdo Sound [K131_1984_1985_NZ_1]
The electrical resistivity of sea ice was measured in situ at two locations in McMurdo Sound: 1km south of Scott Base and 1km northwest of Tent Island. Measurements were made at frequencies of 100Hz ...

6. Measurements of sea ice physical properties and ice strain and wave pattern generated by a load moving over sea ice near Tent Island, McMurdo Sound [K131_1985_1986_NZ_1]
An experiment designed to study, in detail, the wave pattern generated by a load moving over sea ice was conducted on a flat area of snow free, shore fast sea ice about 2km west of Tent Island in ...

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