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1. Indicators of Coastal Water Quality: Ancillary Data [CIESIN_SEDAC_ICWQ_ANC_1.0]
The Ancillary Data component of the Indicators of Coastal Water Quality Collection includes a 5 arc-minute (approximately 9 x 9 km at the equator) sequence grid, grid cell centroids that relate to ...

2. PacIOOS Boundaries: EEZs and Geographic [pacioos_boundaries]
These boundaries represent the exclusive economic zones (EEZ) of regions supported by the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS), which includes U.S. interests throughout the Insular Pacific, ...

3. Sub National Boundaries of Africa [FAOd0012_148]
Updated version of the Sub National Boundaries of Africa, as of June 1999. Contains first and second level boundaries for all countries and third level for some.

4. Economic regions of Europe [ARNd0117_103]
Economic boundaries within Europe. This shows which countries belong to the E?S, the agreement between countries belonging to EFTA (European Trade Agreement) and the EU. Members informations: Attached ...

5. Global Population Distribution (1990), Terrestrial Area and Country Name Information on a 1 x 1 Degree Grid Cell Basis, CDIAC/DB1016 [CDIAC_DB1016]
This data base (DB1016) contains gridded (one degree by one degree) information on the world-wide distribution of the population for 1990 and country-specific information on the percentage of the ...

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