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1. Africa FAO Irrigable Soil Classes (GIS Coverage) [NBId0017_101]
The African Irrigable Soils dataset is part of the FAO Irrigation and Water Resource Potential for Africa. The base map used was the UNESCO/FAO Soil Map of the World (1977), scale 1:5000000 and Miller ...

2. Africa Irrigation Potential, Best soils, 1987 [NBId0211_101]
The Africa Irrigation Potential data set, which represents the best soils suitable for upland, is part of the FAO Irrigation and Water Resources Potential Database. The main input maps ...

3. Africa Water Balance high/lowland crops, 1987 [NBId0203_101]
The Africa Water Balance data set which is prepared by watershed and by country, belongs to the group of "Irrigation and Water Resources Potential" study. It covers 55 countries and 25 ...

4. Analysis Products on Cropland [NRCS_NRI_SotL_CROPLAND]
The maps using data from the preliminary 1997 NRI for croplands deal with a variety of areas. These areas range from specific cultivated croplands, to erosion on cropland and changes in cropland. ...

5. Analysis Products on Irrigation [NRCS_NRI_SotL_IRRIGATION]
The Irrigation maps are split into two section. The first set of maps are from the preliminary 1997 NRI data. The following set are from 1992 and earlier data. Both sets of maps deal ...

6. Analysis Products on Urbanization [NRCS_NRI_SotL_URBANIZTION]
The Urbanization maps contain preliminary 1997 NRI data as well as 1992 and earlier data. Some of the maps look at the amount of change in developed land area. The land may have been previously ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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