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1. Survey of communications features at Casey, September 2001 [gis12]
A GPS survey by Allan Riach (Communications Officer, AAD) in September 2001 near Casey Station, Antarctica. The survey was conducted in the western part of Bailey Peninsula. Data collected included ...

2. 1:2500 National Photogrammetric Record for Ireland [OSI_NPR]
This data set contains vector/raster data set with each object class coded to represent ground features. Features include all typical features of the human built environment, communications, transport ...

3. Digital Line Graphs (DLGs) and Digital Raster Graphics (DRGs) for the state of Delaware [UDEL_DRG_DLG]
All datasets are downloadable from the following URL: "http://www.udel.edu/gis/" DLGs - Digital Line Graphs produced by the United States Geological Survey. DLGs consist of several layers of 1:24,000 ...

4. ESRI Data and Maps [ESRI_DM]
ESRI Data & Maps is preconfigured to work with ESRI's software products and is also bundled with ArcGIS software and solutions products such as ArcGIS Business ...

5. Europa Technologies Map Gallery [EuropaTechnologies_map_gallery]
This map gallery data collection is a showcase of images created using Europa Technologies map data products. All maps were created automatically-without any human interaction. The gallery includes ...

6. Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project [ICBEMP]
The mission of The Interior Columbia Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP) is to develop a scientifically sound and ecosystem based strategy for forest and rangelands administered by the Forest Service ...

7. International Steering Committee for Global Mapping: Global Map Data [ISCGM_GLOBAL]
The concept of Global Mapping, and the establishment of an international body for Global Mapping, was first proposed by the Ministry of Construction of Japan (MOC) in 1992; and in 1994 the Geospatial ...

8. Macquarie Island Communications GIS Dataset. [macca_communications_gis]
VHF repeater coverage at Macquarie Island. This layer is stored as two datasets (polygon and line) in the Geographical Information System (GIS). The data includes information for each feature about ...

9. Mawson Station - GPS Survey 2003 [gis173]
Masts at Mawson Station, Antarctica. This is a point dataset stored in the Geographical Information System (GIS). Attributes include mast height.

Showing 1 through 9 of 9

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